Monica Yellowhair

Monica Yellowhair, Ph.D, (Diné) is of the Towering House people (Kinyaa'ąąnii), born for the Red House people (Kinłichíi'nii); her maternal grandfather is represented by the Manygoats clan (Tl'iziłani); and lastly, her paternal grandfather is the Reed people clan (Lók'aa' Díne'é).  Dr. Yellowhair began her involvement with The Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention (NACP) as an undergraduate student and has received her Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees at Northern Arizona University in microbiology (2002) and chemistry (2005) respectively.  Thereafter, she received her doctoral degree at The University of Arizona in Pharmacology & Toxicology in 2011. Currently as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at The University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC), Monica’s research project has been studying the genotoxic effects of depleted uranium (DU).  Her current research project aims to demonstrate if low-dose DU exposure impairs DNA repair mechanisms in the lymphocytes of DU exposed populations.  Monica credits the driving force in education and research has always been her family and people.  She is very motivated about working on her research and having the opportunity to see the effects of this research on a personal level, knowing it will contribute in providing answers for the Diné people and other families affected by cancer.