Gaius Augustus

2nd Year Graduate Student
Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program

E-mail: gaiusjaugustus at email dot arizona dot edu
Website/CV: ‚Äč| Download CV now
Project: Carcinogenesis of Colorectal Cancer in African Americans


I attended Kennesaw State University in north Georgia for my undergrad.  There I pursued a custom degree plan and obtained a B.Sc. in Integrative Studies with a focus in Chemistry and Biology.  I worked for 2 years in the lab of Dr. Joel McNeal developing microsatellite primers for use in population genetics studies of Cuscuta rostrata, a parasitic vine.  I also worked for 1.5 years in the lab of Dr. Marcus Davis, where I studied wildtype gene expression patterns of HoxD genes in American Paddlefish, a basal actinopterygian.

Grad Life

I entered University of Arizona's graduate program through the Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program in Fall 2014.  After rotations, I joined the Ellis lab...which soon after became the ICE Research Group.

In my current research projects, I am doing genetic analyses of colorectal cancer susceptibility in African Americans. African Americans currently have the highest incidence and mortality rates of colorectal cancer in the United States, as well as are diagnosed earlier. Current genetic studies focus on patients of European descent. I am currently using data from several genetic platforms to investigate the differences in risk and etiology of this cancer in African Americans.

Personal Life

After attending a fine arts middle & high school as well as my first university, in my spare time, I am often exploring artistic endevours. My major interests are in anime, some associated fashion, and comics. Pet projects include writing, drawing, working on webcomics or short animations, and building and engineering functional art and fashion pieces.

I live with my partner of 13 years, DiAn, and our two cats, Hikaru and Lost.  We live just west of downtown Tucson, which is lively and fun.  It's a great place to stay, in the middle of all the action.

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