Who We Are: Ellis Lab


The Ellis laboratory is dedicated to investigation of the relationship between genomic instability and cancer susceptibility. Genomic instability is a dominant feature of cancer cells, and it is the central phenotype of a large group of clinical entities in which cancer development is the main and often fatal consequence.

Lab Identity

We are as interested in keeping up morale as we are in destroying the dogma! Take a few moments to read through our creative literature.


"Supplanting existing paradigms to obviate current roadblocks and open the way for new strategies for diagnosis, interventions, and treatments." -Keith Maggert

Nuking existing paradigms to annihilate boundaries of knowledge and make history.


Destroy the dogma!
Tease out the mechanisms!
Change lives forever!
-Gaius Augustus & Nathan Ellis

Lab Group Photos since 1993


Laboratory of Human Genetics in the New York Blood Center. Summer party in Quissett, 1993

Standing (left to right), David Lennon, Nathan Ellis, Susan Ciocci, Nick Ciocci, Becky Alhadeff, Jonathan Miller, James Kozlowski, Sarah Kozlowski, James German; sitting (right to left), Margaret German, Maria Proytcheva, Brienne Ellis (child), Mi-Li Ye, Runtao Ye (child), Anne Marie Roe.


Laboratory of Cancer Susceptibility and Diagnostic Molecular Genetics (also known as MAGIC, a name that our Chairman Lucio Luzzatto dreamed up) initially in the Department of Human Genetics, but, due to the contemporaneous arrival of Harold Varmus and the departure of Dr. Luzzatto, it had by then devolved into the Department of Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. A farewell to ourselves circa 2004.

(Left to right) Ellen Bonfiglio, Sergey Beresten, Paolo Peterlongo, Diane Tabarini, Tomas Kirchhoff, Gabriel Lerman, Peter Herndon, Kevin Naughten, Khedoudja Nafa, Samantha Phillips, Kathy Jagoda, Nathan Ellis, Cindy Yee, Sonia Eladad, Nilofer Kreonidis, Nayef Mazloum.


Laboratory of Cancer Susceptibility in the Division of Gastroenterology in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago.


Laboratory of Cancer Susceptibility in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


UIC Goodbye Breakfast (2014)

(Left to right) Cemal Yazic, Margaret Johnson Kell, Sariya Siddiqi, Nathan Ellis, Mary Yagle, Maureen Regan, Fabio Pibiri.


Laboratory of Cancer Susceptibility and friends in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Arizona.

(Left to right) Monica Yellowhair, Jennifer Daw, Kelvin Pond, Heather Lynn, Andrea Casillas, Keith Maggert, Christelle DeRenty, Nathan Ellis, Mary Yagle, Danielle Seto, Gaius Augustus.